No More Open-Pit Mines On Mt. Nemo

Mt Nemo is under attack, yet again, from a mining company planning to profit from the blasting of  TWO new open-pit mines in land that is designated an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Open-pit mining is one of THE most destructive industrial practices on the planet. We are working against this very bad idea every day, striving to protect our piece of the planet (which is all any of us can do). Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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Burlington, Ontario, Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve, Canada
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A Mega-Quarry in the Making: Mount Nemo Needs Your Help

The company Nelson/Lafarge Aggregate plans to blast two more open-pit mines in the heart of Burlington’s precious and unique Niagara Escarpment lands on Mount Nemo.

We Need to Stop them.

Nelson LaFarge is a multi-national partnership with deep pockets. They can afford to hire lawyers, technical experts and communications professionals to get this quarry approved.

So it’s a David vs. Goliath battle.

And that’s where we need your help.  Please donate today!

The money will be used to make a strong case against this bad idea of yet another quarry on Mount Nemo. We’ve hired the same lawyer who fought and won the last pit-fight on Mt. Nemo ten years ago.  We’ve also engaged experts on water and air to review and counter the case put forth by Nelson Aggregate. As you know, experts and lawyers need to be paid. Without the assistance of these professionals we don’t have much of a chance of protecting Mt. Nemo.

Nelson Aggregate has been blasting limestone out of Mount Nemo for nearly seventy years.  So we’ve done our time ‘living with’ the aggregate industry on Mount Nemo. We all have a duty to protect the Escarpment from any further new holes blasted into it.

Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone

The beautiful Escarpment, an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, is Burlington’s backyard: a green jewel set amidst the urban concrete of the GTHA. We need to protect this gem, for ourselves and for the coming generations—let’s spare them fifty more years of open-pit mining and all that it entails in terms of destruction and disruption. Such as:
  • the threat to the quantity and quality of well water caused by these two below-water-table open-pit mines.
  • the permanent impacts to protected, threatened and endangered species, such as the Jefferson Salamander.
  • the irremediable loss on the wildlife, woodlands, streams and wetlands served by the headwaters of Mount Nemo.
  • the impacts of blasting (dust, noise, vibration, property damage) and the potential health effects of very fine dust.

Open-pit mining companies make promises of ‘rehabilitating’ the land, but no human-made rehabilitation can replicate the complexity of a biodiverse ecosystem that has been blasted to its rocky core.

Please donate to our David-vs-Goliath fight.  Every dollar counts, every dollar encourages.

Let’s show Nelson LaFarge Aggregate that we too have deep pockets (and a strong intent) on our side of this fight.


‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank



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