Forests for our Future

Working in partnership with The Narwhal, we raised $65,575 to support journalists in exploring the plight of Canada's forests through a series of investigative articles and in-depth multimedia features.

Bringing the History of the Petitcodia River to Life

We raised $3,315 to conduct research on the history and sacrifices that were made for the protection of the Petitcodia River.

Attawapiskat Eco-Film Lab

Working in collaboration with Planet in Focus, this project raised $5,495 to engage Indigenous youth interested in film production. The youth were taught the basic techniques of filming to create a short film focused on protecting the environment.

Breathing Life into Sawmill River

Centered on infrastructure upgrade, this project worked with community members to improve ecological features of a fish-bearing stream. Some $4,155 was raised for this project.

Youth Leading Environmental Change

This project engaged youth in the ecological restoration of the Annapolis River watershed. Together we raised $6,610.

Community-Based Water Monitoring in Fernie, BC

This project raised $5,715 to conduct a community-based water monitoring  program on Lizard Creek and Alexander Creek. This project engaged local people to learn about the health of their streams and encourage them to take action, both in the stream and on the streets.

Eastern Ontario sustainability map

We helped raise $4,560 to develop a mapping tool for sustainability and environmental initiatives across Eastern Ontario.

Keep Water Public

Dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of drinking water in Guelph and Wellington County, this project raised $7,845.

Friends of the Rouge

Involving thousands of school and community volunteers in the protection and restoration of native forest, we helped raise $4,450 for the Rouge River Watershed and National Park.

Keep Simcoe Green

We helped raise $7,650 and called for the expansion of the Greenbelt to Simcoe County, so that current and future generations can benefit from clean water, local food, and green spaces.

Reducing GHG Emissions and Creating Green Buildings

The Trust renovates heritage buildings to be more energy-efficient and we helped raise $5,000 to do that.

Oakville Environmental Film Festival

We have raised $7,790 to build a virtual community by delivering environmental films in communities in the Halton Region. The goal was to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire people to take individual and collective action for the environment.

A Greener Future

With an aim to get 100 cleanups done along the shores of Lake Ontario, we helped raise $4,660 to find informed solutions for preventing litter in the future.

Make Ottawa the Green Capital of Canada- Ecology Ottawa

With a goal of making the Capital green again, this project raised over $10,000 to create a mobilized constituency of Ottawans who demand action and leadership on the environment. .

Neighbourhood Climate Action Project-Environment Hamilton

We have raised over $25,00 to help protect and enhance the environment through leadership, education and advocacy, and knowledge. The vision is to transform Hamilton into a post carbon, climate resilient city that is environmentally sustainable and inclusive.


Together with the community, we have raised $10,150 for BurlingtonGreen to allow them to create a cleaner, greener, more environmentally responsible city.


We helped raised $4,766 to take the province to the court of public opinion to save old growth forest in Temagami. The Province must adapt its forestry practices to account for the climate crisis, and deploy our vast public woodlands in the struggle to stabilize Earth’s climate.

A Greener Future

With an aim to get 100 cleanups done along the shores of Lake Ontario, we helped raise $4,600 to find trends and informed solutions for preventing litter in the future.

Depaving Paradise: One Parking Lot at a Time

This project involved the removal of pavement to allow native plants, trees and shrubs to grow and absorb contaminated storm water runoff. We raised $3,000 was for this project.

Youth Initiatives, George River, QC

The Small Change Fund sent two youth on the journey of a lifetime to one of the most incredible campsites in Canada. The campsite is situated on the indigenous ancestral site of Mushuau-nipi, located in the tundra, on the migratory path of the George River caribou herds.

Annapolis River Guardians: Helping Neighbors Stay Safe

We raised $3,545 to support The Annapolis River Guardians in collecting data to gather an overview of the river's health including the key environmental problems within the river and it's tributaries. Collected information was used to urge decision makers to clean up the river.

No Open Pit Excavation: St. Mary’s River Association

In 2018, Atlantic Gold proposed a large open-pit gold mine in the St. Mary’s River Valley’s most critical habitat. We helped the St. Mary’s River Association raise over $5,400 to stop the gold mine.  

Saving the Avon (Pisiguit) River: Nation Prospère Acadie  

This project supported the indigenous Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and the many Friends of the Avon River in their quest to save and restore this once thriving ecosystem. We helped raise over $3,000 to save the Avon (Pisiguit) River.

Climate Change Education in Chignecto: EOS Eco-Energy

The narrow and low lying strip of land that connects New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is especially vulnerable to climate change. We have raised $2,500 to helping adapt to climate change in the Chignecto region.

Re-Imagining Halifax Harbour

This project helped citizens re-imagine Halifax Harbour using an Art and Music Contest to share the rich culture centers that are our coastal harbours. We raised $5,497 to help the Sierra Club change the mindset of harbours from polluted and lifeless ports to living ecosystems of their own.

Frontline Funding for Fresh Water

Centered on water quality improvement, we raised $3,000, to protect Lake Winnipeg from toxic algal blooms.

Success in Protecting Farmland and Groundwater in Ontario!

Xinyi Canada Glass proposed to build a $400-million glass plant in Stratford, Ontario. The proposed factory was going to remove 175 acres of prime agricultural land from production, increase demand on the aquifer by over 25%, and increase air pollution in Stratford. The Stratford Council also requested to obtain an MZO (Minister’s Zoning Order), which undermines public confidence in the Council’s commitment to public participation in local decision-making. After much controversy, on February 16th, 2021 the company decided to “indefinitely suspend” the proposal, blaming the city for dragging its heels. In the statement made by Xinyi Canada, it stated that the project will be suspend indefinitely to avoid “…further financial loss and unfounded attacks on its reputation.” The community of Stratford was extremely upset by the Ontario Government’s decided to use MZOs to exclude meaningful public consultation and listen to their democratic right. In December 2020, Small Change Fund partnered with a dedicated local group, Get Concerned Stratford, to create a crowdfunding campaign called No Xinyi No MZO! Within a span of three days, the effort raised over $19,000, with a final total of $49,000 in donations to protect water, air quality and the local democracy. Melissa Verspeeten, one of the organizers behind Get Concerned Stratford, was also pleased with Tuesday’s announcement. “I think it shows the power of what an organized community can do and I’m incredibly proud of the way the community has pulled together on this,” she said. “Hopefully Mayor Mathieson and council will move forward and respect the fact that the public has a right to consultation on things that will affect all of us moving forward in the future."

"The Small Change Fund provides a platform to promote ideas that may not get any attention otherwise. It also gives credibility and accountability to your campaign."
Kirsten Earl McCorrister
Lake Winnipeg Foundation
"Not only did Small Change Fund help us raise 25% of our budget, we have been invited to submit proposals to philanthropists and funders for future programs and projects."
Shannon Lea McPhail
W.O.W. Indeed!