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No Open Pit Excavation at Cochrane Hill! Our fight to protect our most precious resource started late summer 2018. Now almost 2 years later we still find ourselves immersed in the battle. We here at the St. Mary’s River Association are committed to doing everything we can to protect the St. Mary’s River and our clean water. Please join us in helping to stop the gold mine!

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The St. Mary’s River Association (SMRA) embarked on an ambitious watershed and restoration plan and management initiative in 2008 “Healthy River, Vibrant Communities“. The goal of this initiative was to restore the ecological integrity of the St. Mary’s watershed to the benefit of the natural environment and the people that live and work within the drainage.  The community views the St. Mary’s river and surrounding environs as their “pot of gold“.

Since 1965, over 2 million dollars have been spent achieving this goal and the river  has become a focal point for tourist, historical, recreational, educational, employment and conservation related activities.

During the Fall of 2018 we found out that a potential giant open pit gold mine being developed by Atlantic Gold was proposed in the St. Mary’s River Valley’s most critical habitat! We have launched a campaign against this proposed gold mine and we call it NOPE (No Open Pit Excavation). So far we have formed partners, created a web-page, organized protests, wrote elected officials, hosted educational meetings, created a social media presence, created videos and general advocacy all over with a strong media presence. There is one simple message, “This is not an appropriate location for a giant gold mine!”

Your generous donations are needed to help support our campaign! Funds will be used for community meetings, office supplies, printing flyers, travel, hiring a blogger to work on our website, signs, bags and bumper stickers, and hiring third party experts to analyze the project documentation.

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Donald Sinclair $100 July 28, 2020
Sandy MacDonald $250 July 27, 2020
Wilf Bean $25 July 27, 2020
Winston Sawlor $25 July 27, 2020
Glenda Burrows $25 July 27, 2020
Christoph Mause $1,000 July 27, 2020
David Brown $50 July 25, 2020
Graham A Smith $450 July 25, 2020
William Sheppard $27 July 24, 2020
Anonymous $25 July 24, 2020
Anonymous $10 July 24, 2020
Graham A Smith $50 July 24, 2020
BEVERLY CLEVE $20 July 24, 2020
Jason Ward $20 July 24, 2020
Braxton and Bria Dort $25 July 24, 2020
Denver Dort $25 July 24, 2020
Gwen Boutilier $25 July 24, 2020
Christa Klemm $60 July 24, 2020
Deirdre Green $50 July 24, 2020
ROBERT MCGRAIL $25 July 23, 2020
Madeline Conacher $25 July 23, 2020
Hannah Martin $25 July 23, 2020
Stephan Young $25 July 23, 2020


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