Saving the Avon (Pisiguit) River

The historic Avon (Pisiguit) River in Nova Scotia needs your help. Considered one of Canada’s most threatened river ecosystem, its days could be numbered if the Province of Nova Scotia pursues its plans this fall to permanently seal its fate with the construction of a new causeway-dam. A generous donor has just pledged $2500 if we can match this amount by September 20th. All moneys collected will be directed to the Avon River Legal Fund. Please do what you can to support the indigenous Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and the many Friends of the Avon River in their quest to save and restore this once thriving ecosystem.

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Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Situated near the town of Windsor-West Hans in Nova, the Windsor causeway has been blocking the Avon (Pisiguit) River since the early 1970’s, destroying what was once a thriving river ecosystem. The Province of Nova Scotia is now proposing to permanently seal the fate of this historic waterway by building a second more extensive causeway structure downstream and near the mouth of this mighty tidal river.

In the mid 1980s when the regional Atlantic salmon population was healthy, close to 40,000 adult salmon returned to spawn in the many rivers of the upper Bay of Fundy. That number declined to about 200 in 2008, according to federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans reports. The Avon River tributaries include the St. Croix, the Kennetcook, the Halfway and the Cogmagun Rivers, all formerly salmon producing rivers that are also being stressed by the Windsor causeway structures.

For the past two decades, environmental groups in Nova Scotia such as the Friends of the Avon River have fought to restore this once thriving river ecosystem. The indigenous Mi’kmaq Peoples of Nova Scotia have also never relinquished their rights to fish and sustain their livelihood from the bounties of nature and the Avon River. As we enter the final stage of this epic environmental battle, their request that the river be returned to natural flow as part of the Highway 101 Twinning Project is being ignored by the Government of Nova Scotia.

The Sentinelle de la côte acadienne (Acadian Coast Keeper, a division of the Atlantic Canada-based Nation Prospère charity) was invited to assist with this impasse in December 2019 and is lending a hand. Please join us in ensuring that the Avon River is saved and restored for the benefit of the Mi’kmaq Peoples and for all Canadians who value rivers and the dignity of our environment. A generous donor has pledged $2500 if we can match this amount by September 20th. All moneys collected will be directed to an Avon River Legal Defense Fund.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $25 September 19, 2020
Anonymous $50 September 18, 2020
Anonymous $400 September 18, 2020
Kelley Cavan $100 September 15, 2020
Melanie Dempsey $20 September 15, 2020
Janice Nicholson $190 September 14, 2020
Sherrie MacKay $50 September 14, 2020
Anonymous $20 September 14, 2020
Stephanie Ferguson $10 September 09, 2020
Anonymous $100 September 09, 2020
Pam Rubin $100 September 09, 2020
Dianne MacDonald $60 September 07, 2020
Danny Zacharias $20 September 07, 2020
Marni Gent $100 September 07, 2020
Anonymous $20 September 04, 2020
Simon Ryder-Burbidge $20 September 02, 2020
Mario Pelletier $10 September 01, 2020
Anonymous $50 August 31, 2020
Susie Smith $100 August 31, 2020
Lindsay Lee $50 August 31, 2020
Karen Beazley $300 August 31, 2020
PAUL macdonald $25 August 29, 2020
Pam Rubin $10 August 29, 2020
Carrilee Eddy $50 August 28, 2020
DAVID SHEEHY $30 August 28, 2020
Elizabeth Guptill $250 August 26, 2020
Colleen Walsh-Bouman $20 August 26, 2020
Eve Neumann $21 August 26, 2020
Anonymous $20 August 26, 2020
Sam Wilson $30 August 25, 2020
Josette Dugué $100 August 25, 2020
Jacqueline Farvacque $50 August 25, 2020
Audrey Sauder $100 August 25, 2020
Anonymous $100 August 25, 2020
Anonymous $20 August 25, 2020
STEPHEN BIGELOW $100 August 25, 2020
Anonymous $50 August 25, 2020
Addie Campaigne $100 August 25, 2020
Daniel LeBlanc $250 August 24, 2020

5 reviews for Saving the Avon (Pisiguit) River

  1. Nation Prospere Acadie
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Long live the free Avon River!

  2. Addie Campaigne
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Addie and Fred Campaigne for a healthy Avon River!!!

  3. Carrilee
    5 out of 5

    I thank all, including Sonja Wood, for their long dedication to returning the Avon River to tidal. The advocacy by fisher Darren Porter and Mi’kmaw Water Protectors and allies is also greatly admired by me. I am proud of all these people! Merci Nation Prospere Acadie ♡

  4. Sonja Wood
    5 out of 5

    Thank you, All. Your support is truly valued! We are grateful.

  5. Sherrie
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Good project, we need to start restoring and stop destroying what Mother Nature has given us! Free the Avon!

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