Fighting Climate Change by Protecting Temagami

We’re campaigning stop the Province’s scheme to allow cutting old growth forest in Temagami.

Old growth forests store vastly more carbon than the commercial tree plantations favoured by the Province.

The Province must take the climate crisis into consideration when making forestry policy decisions.

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Temagami, Ontario, Canada
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Did you know that under cover of the pandemic, the Province has ended its obligation to consider climate change when managing Ontario’s millions of hectares of publicly owned forests?

That Cabinet Order – it never went to the Legislature – can’t stand.

Earthroots is taking the province to the court of public opinion to save old growth forest in Temagami and elsewhere – old growth that safely stores carbon.

We have little time to force the province to acknowledge and account for the climate crisis when managing Ontario’s forests.

Your donation is the ammunition we need to win this one.

This isn’t just about beautiful big trees.

Old growth ecosystems such as exist in Temagami retain large amounts of carbon. Some is stored in those towering cylindrical carbon containers that we think of when we hear the words “old growth”.

But most of old growth’s stored carbon is actually in the soil and in a deep litter and duff layer, with an additional large volume of coarse woody debris on the forest floor. Old growth, typically several centuries old, stores all that carbon.

Instead of cherishing this gift, the Province wants to ignore the climate crisis and log Temagami’s old growth, loosing all that long-stored carbon into the atmosphere. And the Province wants to replace old growth with tree plantations that are scheduled to be cut again just as they are beginning to pack on carbon.

Earthroots is launching a campaign telling the Province to adapt its forestry practices to account for the climate crisis, and deploy our vast public woodlands in the struggle to stabilize Earth’s climate.

You can help defend Temagami old growth, and fight climate change, by donating here now.


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