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A Greener Future works hand-in-hand with local communities to promote environmental preservation through organized litter cleanups, educational programs, and events. Through its expanding family of volunteers. A Greener Future is committed to creating a clean, healthy environment that can be sustained for generations.

Your donation will help to keep programs educate, advocate, and climate waste, one piece at a time operating, and to protect the environment!

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Each year is an adventure along the shores of Lake Ontario. Starting in Niagara-on-the-Lake and moving East towards Kingston, Ontario, 100 litter cleanups are completed along the way. Data on all of the litter found are collected, so to know exactly what is being picking up. This way, trends and informed solutions for preventing litter in the future can be identified.

This year, with COVID, will be different since public events are not possible.

The aim is still to get all 100 cleanups done even if public cleanups can’t happen. This project is to share A Greener Future’s experience with supporters and show them that they can still make a positive impact despite the current situation. To take cleanups into the online realm will require some equipment, software, and human power to get everything online. The goal is to reach more people and give them a way to participate. There will be some beautiful views of Lake Ontario, educational content, and inspiration to become environmental stewards in their own community.

We will come out of this situation on top, and there’s no better way to do it than to come together virtually until we can get back out into nature together.


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Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $150 October 05, 2020
Natalia Jureczek $20 October 03, 2020
Julie & Connor Taylor-Brown $25 October 01, 2020
Anonymous $100 October 01, 2020
Natalia Jureczek $50 October 01, 2020
Laura Wood $25 September 30, 2020
Kevin Saldanha $25 September 30, 2020
Kimberley Ireland $50 September 11, 2020
Elizabeth Grimshaw $50 September 10, 2020
Kate Blackport $100 September 10, 2020
Matt Sustronk $200 September 09, 2020
Anonymous $600 September 08, 2020
Miri Koller $155 September 04, 2020
Anonymous $500 September 04, 2020
Paulette Goulard $75 September 03, 2020
Dylan Goulet $50 September 03, 2020
Suzanne Gibson $150 August 31, 2020
Tanice Segula $75 August 19, 2020
Anonymous $50 August 11, 2020
Alyssa Segula $50 August 11, 2020
Matched Funds $1,900 July 08, 2020
Kate Blackport $50 June 08, 2020
Anonymous $15 May 06, 2020
Julia Zaniol $50 May 06, 2020
Jean Archibald $100 May 05, 2020
Connie Brash $50 May 05, 2020
Laura Wood $25 May 05, 2020


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